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As dorky as this may sound, we have a soft spot for plush. Plastic or metallic figures are cool, but sometimes, you just need a hug. (And guys, you won't lose your man card for admitting that.) Also, plushes are great gifts for wee geeks that you're trying to mold into lovers of the good Star Wars movies. Start them young, raise 'em right, we say. Don't want them asking for a Jar Jar plush! If there was ever a case for justifiable filicide... or at least extensive reprogramming...

These Star Wars Plush come in 4" keychain buddies. The 4" versions can be clipped to your keys, backback, laptop bag, or even the zipper of your winter coat. Each plush has a signature sound effect when you squeeze them: R2-D2 with his bleeps and bloops, Darth Vader's creepy stalker breathing, and Yoda with his patented advice for young Jedi-to-be.

Product Specifications

  • WARNING: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3.
  • Plush Star Wars characters with signature sound effects
  • Made of polyester fibers infused with pure galactic awesome
  • 4" models have attached keychain to hang from your keys or laptop bag
  • Choose wisely
  • R2-D2 with bleep blooping sound effects: 4"
  • Vader with creepy stalker breathing: 4"
  • Boba Fett with three phrases: 4"
  • Jawa with light-up eyes, laughter, and phrases: 4"
  • Yoda with signature Jedi a signature phrase: 4"

Ted Ted 24" Plush with Sound, 12 Phrases
Toy (Ted)
  • Officially licensed product
  • Talking bear
  • Features 12 phrases from the film
  • The language may not be appropriate for young children
2006-11-16 21:28:01 by Gay_Marine

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Ted Ted Talking Golf Club Cover, R-Rated, 5 Phrases
Toy (Ted)
  • Officially Licensed Product
  • Explicit Language
  • 5 Phrases from the Ted Movie
  • The language may not be appropriate for young children
  • Incredibly Soft Plush

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