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New styles - Mace Windu and Luke from Return of the Jedi!

From the first time you saw the flash of light and that hum, way back in 1977, in Obi-Wan Kenobi's bungalow, you knew you wanted one. At first, you weren't quite sure what they were, but they were powerful and wonderful. And even now, after over 30 years, you still want one. The time has come, friends, to join the ranks of the Jedi (or Sith). Time to arm yourself with one of the most beloved weapons of all time: the Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber!

The "Force FX" part means these sabers are packed with bajillions of technologies from a galaxy far, far away - giving them movie accurate lights and sounds. The blades light from the bottom up (with sound, of course) and fade from the top down (again, with sound). And as you wait to strike, you hear that hum you've come to know and love. Each wave will trigger its own sound effect and each crash of saber on saber (or any other object) will also deliver an explosion of sound.

And there isn't just one style of lightsaber - many different sabers are available, from the diminutive (in size only) Yoda to a battle damaged Darth Maul. And hey, the Darth Maul even comes with an extra piece so you can co are truly weapons from a more civilized time.

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Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

  • Authentic lightsabers with movie accurate lights and sound effects.
  • Features:
  • Glowing blades ignites with realistic power-up/down effects.
  • Authentic sound effects digitally recorded from the movie.
  • Features four motion sensor controlled sound effects, power-up, idle hum, clash, and power-down.
  • Durable metal hilt looks and feels like a real lightsaber.
  • Sturdy blade is permanently attached to the hilt.
  • Includes a custom-designed display stand.
  • Styles:
    • Darth Vader - Red Blade - Episode IV A New Hope
    • Anakin Skywalker - Blue Blade - Episode III Revenge of the Sith
    • Darth Maul (battle damaged) - Red Blade - Episode I The Phantom Menace - Half of the double-bladed saber - Includes special, extra piece to connect two together!
    • Mace Windu - Purple Blade - Episodes I, II, and III
    • Luke (ROTJ) - Green Blade - Episode VI Return of the Jedi - When Luke realized his true place as a Jedi and built his own saber in a deleted scene.
  • Batteries: Mace Windu, Luke (ROTJ), and Darth Maul all use 3 AAA (not included); Darth Vader and Anakin use 3 AA (not included)
  • Star Wars Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber Toy
    Toy (Star Wars)
    • Electronic Lightsaber toy hums on ignition
    • Glowing arc-wave energy blade
    • Battle-clashing sounds
    • 1½-foot blade
    • Includes lightsaber and instructions
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    Star Wars Darth Maul Double-Bladed Lightsaber Toy
    Toy (Star Wars)
    • Pretend you?re Darth Maul with this double-bladed Lightsaber
    • Press buttons and spin Lightsaber to extend blades
    • Extend one blade or both
    • Extends to over 5 feet long
    • Includes lightsaber toy
    Rubies Rubies Costume Star Wars Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Light Saber Costume Accessory
    Apparel (Rubies)
    • Light saber costume accessory extends to approximately 3-Feet long
    • Silver base with telescoping blue blade that lights up; blade retracts fully
    • Requires 2 AA batteries for lights (not included)
    • Light saber is fun all year long but not intended for battle
    • Officially licensed Star Wars costume accessory
    Rubies Rubies Star Wars Mace Windu Lightsaber
    Toy (Rubies)
    • Lightsaber with telescoping toy blade
    • Star Wars is officially licensed by Lucasfilms
    • Distinctive purple weapon wielded by Jedi Master Mace Windu
    • Put together the perfect costume with make up, Jedi robes and hundreds of other Star Wars costume items from Rubies
    • From toddler size to plus adult, complete costume or accessories, Rubies has been making your parties more fun since 1950

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