Star Wars Toys 2013

by D. Martin Myatt, Anthony Pomposello, and Rich Alot
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The 2013 International Toy Fair brought the Rebelscum team back to New York City to give you the complete rundown on all the major Star Wars licensees. Just like last year, you can find all the non-Star Wars coverage on Cool Toy Review. BLADEZ TOYZ PLC

The Bladez Toyz PLC Booth Gallery


The BlueFin Distribution BoothStar Wars


The Comic Images Booth GalleryStar Wars


The Diamond Select Toys Showroom GalleryStar Wars

Hasbro Presentation Our International Toy Fair coverage began with the Hasbro presentation that covered among other things, what's coming in the various Star Wars lines. Follow through for our on-site report.

Hasbro Presentation Hi-Res ImagesThe Hasbro Showroom Part OneThe Hasbro Showroom Part TwoThe Hasbro ReportHasbro Presentation - Angry Birds Star WarsStar WarsStar Wars


Jakks Pacific Giant Darth VaderStar Wars


Kotobukiya DisplayStar WarsThe Kotobukiya Booth
Star WarsThe Kotobukiya Booth


The Revell Booth GalleryStar Wars


Tamashii Nations Perfect Model C-3PO


The Uncle Milton BoothStar WarsThe Uncle Milton Showroom GalleryStar Wars


Underground Toys DisplayStar Wars

LEGO Star Wars AT-RT 75002
Toy (LEGO)
  • Includes Sniper Droid and 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Star Wars?: The Clone Wars? edition Yoda, 501st Clone Trooper and Droid captain.
  • Features articulated legs and feet, swiveling laser cannon and blaster storage.
  • AT-RT measures over 7? (19cm) high, 2? (14cm) long and 4? (7cm) wide.
  • Ride into battle on the AT-RT with Star Wars?: The Clone Wars Yoda and 501st Clone Trooper and repel the Droid attack!
  • Weapons include lightsaber and 2 blasters.
2002-06-07 13:50:41 by groverguy

Queer history?

Geez I hate the idea of A&F being a part of queer history. I agree far more with Meesterbello. I came of age looking at international male and it made me dislike my skinny undeveloped frame it wasn't positive even though it was soft porn for my j off sessions. The images coming from media are really starting to give children and men scary images of what our bodies should look like. Give me a break! Look at the original star wars toys (hansolo was skinny) now look at the remake of those original toys hansolo must be on steriods.
If you are going to include these images in queer history then I hope you also develop and show how they encourage unhealthy obsession with beauty

Star Wars Jawa figure could go for over £12000 in auction at Vectis in Thornaby  — Gazette Live
Kathy said: “The Palitoy Jawa with the vinyl cape is one of the rarest Star Wars toys out there and has been greeted with a lot of interest. “The market for Star Wars memorabilia is growing all the time.

LEGO LEGO 2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar 9509
Toy (LEGO)
  • Feel the Force the holiday season with the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar!
  • Countdown to Christmas with the LEGO® Star Wars Advent Calendar, featuring 24 Star Wars-themed gifts!
  • Open a window every day to reveal 24 different LEGO Star Wars - themed gifts
  • Features 9 minifigures, including 2 holiday-themed minifigures
  • Vehicles include mini Gungan Sub and General Grievous' Starfighter

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