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Prequel game launching September 19 with new roster of characters and Telepods figures from Hasbro.

Rovio Entertainment today announced Angry Birds Star Wars II and revealed the game will feature integration with Hasbro's Telepods technology,similar to that of the toys-to-life franchises Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

Over 30 collectable Telepods figures from Hasbro will be available. Players can place these figures on their phone or tablet camera to scan them into the game. Check out the video below for more on how this new feature will work.

Angry Birds Star Wars II,teased last week,will launch across app stores worldwide September 19.Eddie MakuchIt will be based on the Star Wars prequel films and introduces a roster of never-before-scene Angry Birds Star Wars characters.

"At this point we will not comment on rumors or speculation that Jar Jar Binks will be in the game, " Rovio said in a statement.

Also for the first time,players will be able to choose their side in Angry Birds Star Wars II. Gamers can "join the Pork Side" or enlist with the emperor,Rovio said.

In addition to the Telepods toys from Hasbro,new Angry Birds Star Wars II plush,books,and apparel will launch alongside the game on September 19.

The original Angry Birds Star Wars (2012) is based on the original Star Wars trilogy,casting the Birds as the Rebels and the Piggies as the Empire.

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Star Wars Jawa figure could go for over £12000 in auction at Vectis in Thornaby  — Gazette Live
Kathy said: “The Palitoy Jawa with the vinyl cape is one of the rarest Star Wars toys out there and has been greeted with a lot of interest. “The market for Star Wars memorabilia is growing all the time.

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